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SGG Who's Who
Reg#: 10681912

SGG Next In Line x SGG Party Like Its 1998

This guy... is unbelievable. He is the sample from which all boer bucks should be replicated from. Huge topped, level as a board, strong front in, great structure and so much more. He carries nine ennoblements in his pedigee, with both parents soon to be awarded as well. We are aiming to have in follow in his genetic foot steps and be awarded an ennoblement, too. Mr. Handsome is what we call him on the ranch and in the show ring, at just six months old he placed 1st in both the 2015 Panhandle South Plains Fair and the West Texas Fair & Rodeo!

Evenly Fold My Cape of Secrets, ENNOBLED
Reg#: 10744603


We acquired Secret with all the medals and ribbons, with the idea that he would add that little something fancy to our Rocky and Who daughters. As well, as splash a little color on those already amazing Taquito girls. We are looking forward to seeing the impact this guy brings to both of our color and our traditional bloodlines.

OBG06 Like A Rock

We call him Junior, as he is just like his daddy, but much longer. If I had to pick a buck to replace his sire, EGGS Rockin Les, ENNOBLED, I don't think I could have come up with a better answer then this guy right here. He is a slayer in the breed pen and then he's gussied up and wins those ribbons in the show ring. It just does not get any better!

OBG06 Hell's Taquito

We call him What do you say about the buck that does it all?! Taquito is an outstanding buck, both in the breeding pen and in the show ring. He has had a major impact on our breeding lines and in our life! We are just getting started with this guy and cannot wait to see the foot print he leaves on the boer goat industry!

TKLEV Rebar Ranch Luck of the Irish

This dude, is a favorite at the ranch, he has the best personality and a great temperament. Both traits we hope to pass down to his offspring. Irish spends some time in the pen and like all of our other bucks, can get cleaned up and compete with the best in the show ring. We are excited about this guy!
Devil's Spotted Dapple
Reg#: 10789360

Dewey is just coming into his own and we are so excited to splash his color and structure onto the rest of our herd. Rounding out a collection of great bucks, we think Dewey is going to do some big things.
Sire Reference

EGGS Rockin Les C467, ENNOBLED
Reg#: 10640919


We have been waiting to get our hands on an EGGS offspring, and we've accomplished that with this guy! Wrapped up in some outstanding genetics including Next Dimension, Fix It's Ace and Bo Jangles from nose to tail. "Rocky" will surely bring the show correctness and winning genetics to OBG that EGGS has been producing for so many years.

Max Boer Goats I-Max Thriller
Reg#: 10529505  |  DOB: 05/28/2010

Max Boer Goats IMAX 3-D **ENNOBLED** x Max Boer Goats UBA8BALL

His name should be tank. Completely solid and structurally outrageous this herd sire has it all wrapped in one package. He throws dappled, traditional, black and white and everything in between. Not only is he strong and stout he also carries the lineage of some of the greats, I-Max 3-D, UBORA and RRD Ruger.

3LF Stargate's Infinity

Mambo King

Owned by Four T Boer Goats, we are fortunate enough to add some of his genetics into our color herd!

2013 JABGA Grand National Champion Fullblood Buck
2014 ABGA National Champion Fullblood Buck & Senior Buck

AABG As Good As It Gets

2DOX Royal Flush x 2DOX Main Squeeze

The production of the 2009 ABGA National Champion Fullblood Doe and a full brother to the 2012 ABGA National Reserve Champion Doe
RRD R898 Cannon *ENNOBLED*

Champion Sr. Buck and Grand Champion overall at the 2006 Ft. Worth Stock Show. He was also the 2005 Ft. Worth Stock Show Reserve Champion Sr. buck both days, the 2005 Star of Texas Champion Sr, Champion Over-all, and the 2005 Dixie Nationals Champion Buck. He sired the 2006 San Antonio Stock Show Reserve Champion Buck

BAB4 Executive Decision

2013 Reserve North American International Grand Champion

EGGS Rockin Harve B393

2013 OBGA Spring Classic Grand Champion Yearling Buck
2013 CNMGD Yearling Grand Champion Buck
2013 PSPF Reserve Grand Champion Yearling Buck
Max Boer Goats IMax 3-D *ENNOBLED*

2009 Eastern National Livestock Boer Goat Show Junior Reserve Champion

SGG Next In Line

2013 JABGA National Show Reserve Champion, 2013 Piney Woods Reserve Champion, 2014 OBGA Reserve Champion Buck