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OBG6 Angel In Blue Jeans
Reg#: 10693089  |  DOB: 7/13/15

Angel was just that, one sent amongst us by pure luck. OBG acquired recips from the A-Bar dispersal sale and one of them happen to be carrying Angel. She has been a constant in our show string since before she was weaned. A "push-button" doe, she is automatic in the show string and though she out weighs our little ranchers they show her, too. With a handful of 1st place ribbons, she was also crowned, 2016 Spring Spectacular Junior Fullblood doe, show 1 & 2 and 2016 Battle of the Boers Junior Grand Champion show 1 & 3.

OBG06 Duchess
Reg#: 10676644  |  DOB: 2/19/15

Duchess is the show string queen on the ranch. Out of the great Next In Line, himself, she takes his grand genetics to a whole other level. A solid level all-around doe that is a favorite in the show ring as well as the breeding pen. We are so excited about her future we can't stand it!

OBG06 Loretta Lynn
Reg#: 10678933  |  DOB: 2/1/15

2015 Junior Reserve Grand Champion Percentage Doe at the Panhandle South Plains Fair, 2016 Junior Grand Champion Percentage Doe and Grand Champion Percentage Doe at the Spring Spectacular, show 3

OBG06 Lass' Balboa
Reg#: 10684770   |  DOB: 2/6/15

When we set out to take the best EGGS genetics from our herdsire Rockin Les and our most extravagant mothering doe in High C Celtic Lass to produce the most optimal show qualities with the best dam character, we produce Balboa. Just as stout as you can make one without compromising her mothering talents.

OBG06 Eloise May
Reg#: 10720216   |  DOB: 3/22/16

Put our herdsire, Rockin Les back to work over our GG's Vanessa doe, which is the same combination that produced OBG06 Rockin Vanna, owned by Shephard Creek Ranch, that is racking up the show points all over Texas. Dam & Sire did not disappoint this time. Eloise will be a standout in our show string for sure!

SGG Perfect Timing
Reg#: 10591478   |  DOB: 12/12/12

SGG Big Time (10486536) x RAM DB's Delight (10550094)

We acquired Perfect from the Smith & Glenn dispersal sale. Her dominating mothering skills are immeasurable, joined with her outstanding pedigree, you can't go wrong with her.

Littles 321

Carrying the great genetics of 911, Game Changer and some other head turning wether genetics, 321 addition to our herd will serve as a dual threat. Adding to our colored genetics as well as donating to our % herd. We have some great things in store for her.

OBG06 Margarita
Reg#: 10647680   |  DOB: 4/1/14

RSF C5 Brigadier x BRB3 Appletini

Our favorite percentage show doe here, Margarita is what we have been striving for; out of a red sire over a dappled dam, she's got the great coloring painted all over her outstanding bone structure. Completely show correct she has a handful of top five placements in west Texas shows and will be starting her second year of showing before she heads to the breeding pen.

KJO Better Than Cash
Reg#: 10667638  |  DOB: 9/24/14

SGG Next Dimension **ENNOBLED** x EGGS Z453

She's just a baby, but Cash is fabulous. We love those EGGS genetics with a touch of feminitity. She just moved into the show pen and is getting ready for her debut. Keep any eye on her, she's a head turner!

foundation does

Bon Joli Ruthie Too
Reg#: 10584764

Bon Joli Route 66 x Bon Joli Ruthie

Bon Joli Farms decided to use the Color Connection Sale to disperse their herd and that opened the gate to acquire their strong and well rounded bloodlines. We believe we found that in Ruthie. Her pedigree is full of Bon Joli heavyweights and we are certain she will make an impact on our already strong herd.

2JW Zelda's Eclipse
Reg#: 10639155

Max Boer Goats New Moon x MAB Turtle Rock Zelda

Certainly Zelda has the bloodlines, sired by Max Boer Goats and breed and raised by Double J Farms in Oklahoma, this girl is stout. Black and white is where it is at in the color world and she's got it. With her coloring and our already established bone structure, she just might be the momma to the next big thing in the goat world! Watch out!

Reg#: 10509434

CEF Static Shock x T4 Moolatte

OBG has been in and out of the sale barns all over the south and have been really holding out on bringing in just the right combo of genetics and dappled and we believe that we achieved that with Moo. She is just a dream, packed with outstanding genetics, she is sure to keep packing OBG with dominating genes we strive so hard to instill in our program. Keep an eye out for her offspring!

GLA Hope
Reg#: 10521505  |  DOB: 3/14/10

GLA Allen's Polka Dot Man x Boer X

Hope, is an experienced girl, mixed with Polka Dot Man and some cross genes, this girl has all the mothering skills you could want in your breeding program, on top of the great coloring from the Allen Boer Goats. With her name brings us hope, that she will deliver those flashy colors we like so much! If you don't believe check out her daughter, Mattie on the doe page.

3LF Olivia
Reg#: 10635897

3LF Copout x Fern Hollow Farms Polka Piazza

OBG went into the CGL Dispersal not looking for red does, but Olivia was too hard to pass up. Her stout structure and eye appeal make a doe like her highly sought after in a breeding program.

CJG1 2020
Reg#: I-10526653

GP 10213355 x MLY 10314729 J Bar C T60

Carrying some of the best black genetics that put 4P's League Ranch on the map. This lady carries the bold factor with her black and white contrast she is sure to drop some flashy offspring on the OBG ranch.

Reg#: 10642056

BOJO 10502529 BonJoli/LAZY S-T Copperhead x LLBG 10594499 LLBG Miss League X029

One of our most elegant does carrying that WOW factor with her black and white coloring, this girl just has it! Just a two year, she carries Copperhead genetics and does it well. Looking forward to her bringing those Bon Joli genetics to our herd.

FIX Celtic Lass A118
Reg#: Pending


OBG wasn't finished with bringing in the EGGS genetics with "Rocky" we also had to sprinkle some of those genetics on our doe herd. This is where "Lass" comes in. With 38 Ennoblements in 5 generations of pedigree this doe brings it all to our breeding program.

OBG06 Chunky Monkey
Reg#: 10639579   |  DOB: 01/31/2014

ABF 10589084 ABF Rawhide x NK 10560597 NK A213

Monkey is just what her name says, completely chunky throughout. Since hitting the ground she has taken no time off in feed conversion and carries it well, while also dominating our doe crop. With the N & K genetics she will put the ends on our wether producing program.

BRB3 Shewtr's Constellation
Reg#: 10584020  |  DOB: 06/01/2012

HART1 10492488 HART1 Shewtn's Special Edition x BOJO 10421029 Bon Joli Ho Ho

L3 Allen's Martha A150
Reg#: 105557001  |  DOB: 6/2/11

EGGS W789 x L3 Brazos Bandana

When OBG attends a sale we mark our girls that we want to bring home with a star, Martha got two! We walked though the Allen's pen at their dispersal sale and she just caught our eye. She glides across with pasture and with those contrasting colors she grabs your attention. One of the only grand-daughter out of Scorpio with color carrying the EGGS name on top and out of the Allen's great Bandana girl, she's where it's at and four Ennoblements to boot!